Sunday, April 29, 2012


Finally. Finally. is all I have to say.

School is finally over. Grades are posted. Stressing over papers and projects is nothing but a distant memory.

Every summer, I try to set some goals I want to accomplish. Read certain books, watch certain movies, visit new places. This weekend, I started off my summer doing some I those things I always want to do, but being perfectly honest, never get the chance to do.

First. On Friday, I kicked off the summer with purchasing a ukulele. Yes. A tiny ukulele. It is a beautiful instrument and I am teaching myself to play for the summer along with a kind friend who decided to take the challenge with me.

Second. I have recently become...I guess you could say obsessed... with the series LOST. I never watched it while it was on television, but I have started from the beginning (with the same friend who has accepted the ukulele challenge) and it is fantastic. I highly recommend the series or starting to watch a series that is no longer on television from the beginning. Avoiding the week to week anticipation makes watching tv so much more enjoyable. (In case anyone was wondering, I have five more episodes to finish the first season)

Third. I planned a trip to NYC. I went last summer with my family and I loved every second of it. So much so, I decided to plan a trip with my friends this summer (Broadway show included- The Lion King). So watch out NYC, we are coming for you in June and you will most likely never be the same.

For a first weekend off from school, I couldn't have asked for a better kick off to glorious summer break.

Happy summer readers. Have fun, and try not to be boring, it seems to be frowned upon.

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