Sunday, March 25, 2012

Physics is my easiest class?

This semester, I was required by the honors program to take an honors seminar class that combines two opposite disciplines into one class in which the topic changes every semester. Being that I am graduating in a year, I felt like it was now or never to get this over with. Of course, this semester the topic was physics and sports. Being that I never took a physics class in my life, I hate math and I don't really care for science either, obviously the logical step was to register to take this class.

After freaking out the entire winter break about physics equations I might have to learn, I was entirely surprised that my physics and sports class has turned out to be my easiest class.


Because in honors program classes, we make the rules. Professors know we are already over-achievers, so they give us one assignment and let us do with it what we want.

Today, I am conducting my experiment to test the physics of bowling. I may not be too sure what I am doing, but I have done my research.

If there is one thing I can count on, I may not know physics but I am a communication major, so I can make my presentation stand out from others. Hopefully.

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