Sunday, March 18, 2012

Only 10% Irish, doesn't matter.

This weekend I took a break from interviewing and feature stories to have some fun with friends and attend some St. Patrick's Day festivities. Being that I just turned 21 in November, this was my first big St. Patrick's celebration and my first time being in the South Side for the event. Needless to say it was crazy but a really fun time. It was nice to forget about school for a while and just have fun with friends.

Although I'm barely Irish, St. Patrick's day has become a holiday for everyone. The beautiful weather this weekend had everyone out celebrating and it made me want summer to come asap.

In a little over a month, that wish will come true and I cannot wait.


  1. I just turned 21 in December! I agree it was a lot of fun going to the south side and the parade finally being of age. It was pretty intense haha Did you go anywhere else besides the south side?

  2. Haha I only have a few more months until I turn 21, but I'm excited to go out and party with the rest of Pittsburgh!! Because everyone I knew either had to work or was down there drinkin' green beer, I had a fairly uneventful St. Patrick's Day. However, I did make an appearance in South Side to drop a few friends off. Hey, at least they can count on me to be their DD. :?

    But the city was a bizarre scene of drunks and wanna-be Irish, drowning the concrete jungle in everything green and orange. Driving down there was a pretty epic battle.

  3. hahaha I think it is really funny how you say you are barely irish... On St Patricks day everybody is Irish and thats whats so cool about it :) Hope you had fun!!