Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Face It

"Time to Schedule Classes!" This is a friendly email I have been used to receiving from my advisor for four years now. Four years already. It's hard to believe that when she puts in the reminder email "unless you're a senior-in that case you're done!" that those words finally apply to me.

Yesterday I picked up my cap and gown. If nothing else reminds you that you are almost done with college, it's physically holding that ceremonial unflattering smock. Holding my white tassel made it SUPER real for the first time this year: I am done. Done with tests, painful group projects, homework, lectures. DONE. But it also reminds me that I'm done with summer vacations, clubs, the faculty, classmates, and using the "I'm a college student" get out of jail free card for multiple life situations. DONE.

It's bitter sweet. I am very much ready to move on. To begin being an "adult" (although at this point you kinda should have been doing that already) and seeing what the future beholds.

Facing reality is tough.  We don't like to accept the truth. Life makes it hard to move on from people, places, things. Sometimes it downright feels impossible that you will ever change how you feel in the present.

But as humans we change. We adapt. It's in our nature. Fate has a plan for all of us, friends. Trust in it. Trust in those who trust in you.

And remember that facing reality can bring the next big thing.

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